Probate Law

If you have been named as the executor, administrator, or personal representative of a loved one’s estate, you may be uncertain about your responsibilities. An experienced Austin estate planning attorney can help you efficiently and properly distribute the assets of the estate to the heirs.
My name is Charles Smaistrla. I offer quality legal services to clients throughout the Hill Country area. I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to work with you to resolve any probate issues and guide you through the legal process.

My Probate & Estate Planning Practice

Clients most often come to me when they discover that a particularly valuable asset cannot be transferred to the heirs of the deceased. If surviving family members cannot transfer bank accounts or are unable to sell a house, I can guide them through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether or not your loved one did any estate planning, I will prepare all the documents necessary to place the matter before the probate court. I will handle all matters related to the administration of the estate and will represent you in all hearings. I will work closely with you to ensure that you can:

  • Gather the assets
  • Evaluate them
  • Pay the debts of the estate
  • Distribute the assets in accordance with the terms of the will or the court’s order

I understand that this can be a difficult time for you and your family. I, therefore, take special care to make the process as smooth as possible.

To begin administering your loved one’s estate, I will meet with you personally to develop a plan that helps avoid family discord and minimize the cost of the process. Ask me about my competitive fixed fees for probate administration work.

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Contact me online or call me at 512-461-4636 to set up an initial consultation for your Austin estate planning needs. Evening appointments are available by request.